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Aviation Certificates




  • IATA Certificates

    Jet Fuel Price Risk Management

    Aviation Fuel Management

  • BOEING Certificates

    Weight & Balance Engineer Course

    MD-11 Performance Engineer Course

    B777 Weight & Balance/Load Trim Course

  • AIRBUS Certificates

    PEP Performance Engineer Course (All Aircraft)

    Air FASE Flight Data Monitoring Management Program

    LPC Admin Course Weight & Balance (All Aircraft)

    AIRBUS A320  “Weight & Balance Engineer Course”

  • KLM Certificates

    B747-400 Base Maintenance Certifying Engineer Cat.C

  • CONDOR Certificates

    EFB EFRAS Performance Program Training 

  • LUFTHANSA Certificates


  • SITA Certificates

    SITA - Fleetwatch User Training

    Sita Flight Briefing Graflite

  • QUALITY Certificates

    Quality Auditor Training Course   (JAR-OPS 1 & ISO 0011)

    Eu-Ops1 Training Course

  • IFSC “1° corso di aggiornamento Sistema BASIS”

  • Emergency Response Plan Course

  • Etops Training Course

  • Flight Safety Management

  • Nominated Ground Ops Postholder

  • Dangerous Goods CAT 10


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